Manos Sucias (Josef Wladyka, 2014): USA / Colombia

Reviewed by Gorkem Erdogan. Viewed at the AFIFest 2014.

The film directed by Josef Wladyka tells us a story of 30-something fisherman, Jacobo (Jarlin Martinez), and a young man, Delio (Cristian Advincula), attempting to traffic drug up to pacific coast of Colombia. They carry a torpedo filled with large amounts of drugs but after an unfortunate incident they must figure out how to get out of this situation. The film was shot in and around Buenaventura surrounding by natural beauties. Even though this was the first shooting experience of Jarlin Martinez (Jacobo) and Cristian Advincula (Delio), their performance is so good. The music used through the film is local musics of Colombia and make the audience feel like inside the film. AFI Fext 2014 has great films this year but ‘Manos Sucias’ might be one of the best this year with its story, locations and musics.

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