The signal (William Eubank, 2014): USA

Creatively reviewed by Erik Johansson. Viewed at Antioch University of the Santa Barbara Film Festival 2015.

It all started with a game of hacking

Who would be the cracked one and who would be cracking?

The three students lost against technology,

got caught by something similar to ET.

When he woke up he was told that he was contagious,

but with a lack of trust Brenton got outrageous.

Being captured with the doctors and without girl and best friend,

the young boy took the faith in his own hand.

He acted with instinct to get out of the place,

but what he didn´t know was that these doctors did not need much trace.

Numerous challenges along the way,

made it hard for the youngsters to get through the day.

While environment was similar to the one we know,

the strange behavior of people was starting to show.

The confusion of the character was very palpable,

while the viewers understanding went from low to super low.

A white, trapped environment is displayed through out,

I started to feel claustrophobic and I wanted to get out.

However, the director uses nature shots if just a few,

giving a contrast between the nature and the futuristic and new.

While Mr. Eubanks has a high level of technical expertise,

he missed out on the story that he decided to release.

From close up to mid shot and even some wide,

cinematographer did not put many perspectives to the side.

Appropriate audience is one who seeks brain stimulation,

futuristic environment and sometimes irritation.








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