The Signal (William Eubank,2014):USA

Reviewed by Mia Johansson, Wiewed at the Antioch University.

The movie is directed by William Eubank, the plot is about a guy named Nic (Brennton Thwaites) his best friend is Jonah /Beau Knapp) and his girlfriend Haley (Olivia Cooke). At first the movie seemed like a scary movie and very intriguing but after a while I noticed that it wasn’t that scary and pretty intensive and somewhat sci-fi like, me myself am not that fond of that kind of movies but I really liked this one and thought that it was really good. It was kind of a love story mixed up with something modern.

Nic and Jonah are to drive Nics girlfriend Haley to LA because she is moving. Then there is someone who hacke into Hayleys so they decided to track down the person on their way to LA. They were supposed to make q quick turn in to the IP-adress which they had tracked down. They took a small country road the lead to no-mans land in Arizonas desert. They arrive at a small abondoned horrifying house where Nic and Jonah walks into the house to check it out while Haley waits in the car. All of a sudden they hear Haley screaming from the car, they run out and there they find HAley up in the are, levitating and none of them knew what was happening.

Nic wakes up at some sort of hospital/lab where a man wants to run some tests on Nic. He has no idea where Jonah or Haley is ocated but after a lot of tests they let Nic see Haley which is in a coma and he had talked to a person through a wall which he believed to be Jonah but it turns out that Jonah has managed to escape.

The movie was very intriguing from there on because you get to follow the three youths and how they were managing this situation and eventually get out of it, but soon they notice that the world isn’t quite the way that it should be.

This is a movie that has very man different special effects and it is specifically made to make it look like it takes place in space but a place that is built to look like earth but it turns out that it’s just a tiny part. Me myself would say that this was an extraordinary good film.

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