Songs She Wrote About People She Knows (Kris Elgstrand, 2014): Canada, USA

Reviewed by Furkan Altunkaynak. Viewed at SBIFF 2015.


The movie Songs She Wrote About People She Knows by Director Kris Elgstrand is film about Carol’s (Arabella Bushnell) way of express herself just like summarize in title of the movie.

I seen this movie with my three other friends and they all said it was boring. I told, it was pretty well done for a low budget movie. However, we were in the same page about one thing, which is the actor Brad Dryborough who played Dave character was the best thing that is in this movie. Amazingly actor saved the day.

I think the script was powerful but somehow the movie give the feeling of first time made movie. I must admit it gets boring sometime to time. Russell Brand movies kind of musics like in the movie Get Him To The Greek would be better in my opinion. But I’m assuming director wanted to simple events and the objects importance appear more on the white screen.

Big things like life changing decisions don’t feel exciting as they should be but I am not really sure about this is on purpose or not since, we are watching from the point of view of Kris who is kind of mellow personality. May be not the director to blame but the producer to not the touch script enough.

For the second best thing, in this movie was the editing. I never got confused where and when I’m in the space of this movie. But other then technical stuff there is really creative editing techniques. Especially the scene takes place outside of the studio when they are recording inside. Days pass by and not only funny things happen inside of studio but overflows even outside of the studio.

I like the movie, but beware you may not like it; unless you find something that you can see yourself in it.

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