How to train your dragon 2 (Dean DeBlois, 2014): USA

Reviewed by Mina Gilbertsson. Viewed at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival 2015.

H  iccup created the society where humans and dragons can live in peace.

O  ngoing battle between the two villages.

W  hen Hiccup’s father, Stoik, was younger he fought the evil dragontrainer Drago and was the only one who survived.


T  oothless gets better and better at flying with the hommade wing.

O  n the way to an undiscovered part of the land, Hiccup finds his mother, Valka.


T  hinking she was dead, Hiccup gets very surprise to find her taking care of many different dragons.

R  eunited, Stoik and Valka falls in love again, and moves in together.

A  ngry Drago sends out his men to kidnap all the dragons from the village.

I  ronically Hiccup and his girlfriend, Astrid, found out before they made it to the village.

N  ervously they tried to warn everyone.


Y  elling and panic spread across town.

O  ut flies Toothless and Hiccup trying to stop them from attacking their home.

U  nfortunately, it does not work.

R  ather creates an even larger fight.


D  rago manipulates the dragons to obey his order.

R  ight after Toothless accidently kills Stoik, under the manipulation of Drago, Hiccup forgives him.

A  beautiful film about family and friendship.

G rowing up together as man and dragon.

O  ngoing production for ‘How to train your dragon 3’

N  ext sequel comes out in 2017.

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