Beatles (Peter Flinth, 2014): Norway

Reviewed by Beata Bergman. Viewed on SBIFF. hqdefault

I really liked this film. My father is a big fan of The Beatles so i have been raised with the music and heard almost every song and the story about the members. My favorit song is the song “Let it be”. The director told us that Beatles has been touring in Europe but not in Norway, and that is kind of fun because the film takes place there.

The film is about four boys, Kim (Louis Williams), Seb (Håvard Jackwitz), Gunnar (Ole Nicolai Myrvold Jörgensen) Ola, (Halvor Tangen Schultz) that thinks and wants to be like The Beatles. They starts a band and rehearsal to get som gig’s.  The film takes place in the 60’s and the boys are in theirs age of 16. The boys do everything together, study, listen to Beatles hand around like boys do. But om summer vacation they all have different things to do and be. Kim is the only one that stays home for the summer. He goes to the cinema to all the kinds of boring movies, but at one of them he actually meet a mystery girl. She kisses him in a bus stop and the she leave with the tram. Kim waits buy the cinema, day after day to find the girl again, but she never showed up again. Sometime goes and the summer break is over and school starts again. When they all are back from there break the notis that there are a new girl in the class. Her name is Cecilie. Kim and Cecilie starts to date and it goes like that. There is one scene when Kim meets Ceciles parent over dinner and Kim has a hard time to understand Cecilies father because he is Danish.. That scene is taking from the directors personal life experience. You get to follow everyone from there one perspective as well as together..

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