Sunshine Superman ( Marah Strauch, 2014) USA & Norway

Reviewed by Logan Kovarick. Seen at the Lobero Theater, Santa Barbara Film Festival 2015.

S uch an amazing true story
U under the helm of the Marah Strauch
N o flaws could be spotted in all its glory.
S houldn’t give you a stroke!
H ow can you live on the edge like this.
I n a world where jumping off a cliff is strange.
N o one can understand its simple bliss.
E ending with a wonderful marriage that sparked change.

S he said I do, her name was Jean Boenish.
U pon marriage, BASE jumping was created.
P eople swmming in the air like fish.
E nter the the Troll Wall.
R right after they said don’t do it.
M r. Boenish jumped off and landed like a rag doll.
A fter his death, his legend lives on quite a bit.
N o one will ever understand his amazing roll.




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