Summerhood (2007, Jacob Medjuck): Canada

A great change of pace during this film festival was Summerhood, directed by Jacob Medjuck and Tony Dean Smith. It seemed like a refreshing change, due to the fact that most of the films at this festival were tackling deep and heavy issues. This was a great film that got into the lives and minds of four trouble-making children at their summer camp.

The main character is Fetus (Lucian Maisel), a young boy struggling with growing up, girls, emotions, and the awkwardness of being a pre-teen. Fetus likes a girl named Sundae (Reva Timbers) and gets entangled into a forbidden love affair, in a time when girls were filled with cooties. The other boys in his crew Reckless (Scott Beaudin), Toast(David Gibson McLean), and Grandpa(Jesse Camacho) feel betrayed that Fetus would even think of a girl that way. The boy stay in a cabin filled with other rowdy boys. This makes it so that no councilor has ever been able to handle them. Through out the film, the four boys main goal is to get a cross the lake to the older teens side of camp. Careless, played by director Jacob Medjuck, very much lives up to his name. He gets in trouble and as a punishment is placed in charge of this dysfunctional bunch.

This leads to many funny and complicated situations as the camp goes on. Due to the soundtrack and lingo, the film has a late 80s, early 90s feel to it. One thing that is great is way the children talk and handle situations. The slew of slang that they throw out during the film is enjoyable and offending in humorous way. Overall, the film reminded me very much of one of my favorites, The Sandlot. Instead of the dedication to baseball, the dedication in the film Summerhood is to be obnoxious to the counselors, but most important, to stay young.

All together, this film was very enjoyable and left me with a good feeling. This reminded me of good times I have had during my childhood years and friends I have stuck by. At the end, the Q&A confirmed to me that everyone who was involved in the film making process had an amazing time.


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