The Truth About Lies (Richard Keith): 2015

Reviewed by Shelby Harris at the Santa Barbara Film Festival 2015

The Truth About Lies is a romantic comedy following the life of Gilby Smalls (Fran Kranz) who has just been fired, dumped and lost his apartment. In the mists of his falling apart life he meets the girl of his dreams Rachel (Odette Annable), trying to project an image of sucess he lies to her, slowly tangling himself in a deep web of lies he cant not escape.

struggling to cope with his identiy and past made life decisions Gilby escapes his life and himself by playing a role of a sucessful buisness man that his ex-girlfreind always wanted him to be. Getting caught up in a lie to impress Rachel, her husband takes an interst in Gilby offering him a job that he is unqualified to do, but it is an offer he can not refuse.

The story of interconnected relationships is told through Gilbys point of view, as his lies become the glue holding each relationship together.

In between scences the dirctor inserts quotes from scholars discussing the truth about lies. Matching perfectly with the current situation within the film you can not help but laugh. The truth behind the lies are exposed with devastating results.

The directors goal in the film is to state that no matter now much we evolve over each generation we still seem to repeat the same mistakes. Overall the director had an outstanding cast who preformed great improvisation and kept the audiance laughing. A story that everyone can personally make a connection with (just probaby not all the same mistakes as Gilby).





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