Am Limit (Pepe Danquart, 2007): Germany

One amazing visual presentation that was presented at this film festival was Am Limit (To the Limit) by director Pepe Danquart. This film took the audience through an experience up the El Capitan Mountain in Yosemite National Park in California, with two German mountain climbers. Thomas and Alexander Huber are two brothers who the film highlights on.

The film follows the two brothers as they tried to break the speed climbing record for the El Capitan Mountain. They practice and practice and practice, showing the viewers not only how determined they are, but also how much they enjoy the art of climbing and risking it all. It shows the up and downs the brothers face physically but also very much emotionally. The brothers are constantly spending time together and ultimately putting their own life in the other’s hands.

The most notable thing about the film was the stunning cinematography. The shots of just the pure beauty of Yosemite Nation Park left me in awe. Also the footage they captured during the climbing in the Patagonia Mountains was unbelievable. On top of that, the filming of the climbing was so intense. It made it feel as though you were right there with them, struggling along on a journey to the top. I am not a huge rock-climbing fan so I went into this film not expecting much but to hopefully be entertained. I ended up getting very much involved and wrapped up into the story. The emotion that the two brothers exerted through their climbing was an experience of its own.

Overall I very much enjoyed this film. I learned why people do this insane sport and how pushing themselves as far as they can go, really builds them up and makes them stronger in everyday situations. The film captured the beauty of everything that was in front of them, and the giant mountain in their face.


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