McFarland (Niki Caro, 2015): USA

Reviewed by Furkan Altunkaynak. Viewed at SBIFF 2015.

Watch this movie!!!

If you like experiencing motivation giving moment of real lifes.

If you want to be more appreciate to the things you have now.

If you want to get a way from fiction, torch to the beauty of reality.

If you are looking for something to watch with your family.

If you like moment based life listen giving Disney movies.

Watch this!!! Watch this!!! Watch this!!! Don’t miss it!!!

The movie McFarland based on the true story of coach Jim White (Kevin Costner), his family, 7 runner kids, and people of McFarland. Story starts with in a place that is not appreciated to coach White, then his moving to McFarland that is a poor town but appreciate what ever they have. Coach’s decision to get together a cross-country team changes not only becomes big for the coach but also for people of McFarland.

Since this is a big budget movie, there is not much need for me to talk about the technical stuff like editing or min-en-scene element of this movie. They are all beautifully done like they supposed to; you wont get disturbed by those art departments. But this movie has a great art value on one sense then any others. A listen for us to be more indebted to what we have here in the fullness of opportunity cities. Maybe it’s wrong for me to say this, because they look they have more then what we have here. Which is the strongest bond of all, the love that can cure all. Words from couch white’s wife (Maria Bello) explains this better “It feels like home more then any other…”

Don’t expect a big motivation speech because you wont find one. Instead, you will see the power only few words and how that is enough to get these people pumping faster blood. While I was watching this movie in theater, I saw my friend crying next to me. I felt anger, we laugh, and by excitement, I find myself stretching my fingers.

To end it up, “such a gorgeous written story to experience”.

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