Screenwriters Panel: Santa Barbara International Film Festival, 2015

Review by Beata Bergman. Viewed at SBIFF.


The Screenwriters panel was very fun and interesting, i got to know how the thought and worked for making there pieces and what they are gonna do next.  I tough they were all focused and everything was easy, but after being on Lobero Theater watching the stars i was thinking, “Yeah, they are just normal people, how nice is that!”

Grahm Moore- The Imitation Game: He likes to sit in his pajamas at home and work. “When you are woking with a draft you don’t know what you gonna get or even feel about it. But it’s there.” The next thing is to do his second book.

Anthony McCarten- The Theory Of Everything: He likes to work in an environment where there is noise of any description, like the TV, Owen, vacuum cleaner. “I wrote this movie on a train and what im doing next is a journalism movie with George Clooney who called me and was very excited about it.”

Jason Hall- American Sniper: “Im a failed actor, i wrote scenes to myself but no one wanted me to play the part so i focused finally for others and it turned out i was better of that then act.” Jason got 3 kids. He likes and use to write in a coffee- shops, “Im always that person that stays the longest and drink 10 cups of coffees.” “What i use to do to find inspiration is, that i tend to find a song and listen to that song all day long. Creative conflicts in my mind. What im doing next is a book that is about war, suicide and all that sad things.”

Dan Gilroy- Nightcrawler: When Dan is writing a draft he has an ide and don’t have ides. It can take weeks, months or even years. “When you get passionated you just gets in ti it and never stop write. Next day it seams better than before, or not, but you know more. I get my ideas and inspiration from reading or television.” What Dan is doing next is to write a spec on an independent film in Los Angeles, includes lots of personal ideas.

Max Frye- Foxcatcher: When Max is writing he use a yellow legal pad and try’s to write 5 pages a day. Then he use to go back and put it on the computer and rewrite some. “I can sit to 2-3 o’clock to 6 o’clock.” What Max is doing next is also an spec, he is talking to other directors and TV/motion pictures.

Alex Dinelaris- Birdman: “I have two babies so i use to write between taking care of them.” He spends a month for structure and also likes drafting in some other places. Alex next project is a TV-serie named The Percent and he also doing a new film.

Damien Chazelle- Whiplash: Damien is the youngest of thees screenwriters. He is 30 years old. He likes writing on a computer sitting in his pajamas in his couch and work. “90% im just sitting and feeling shitty about myself. ” He use to have as goal to write 10 pages. “I do really need to do nothing before i write.” Damien’s next thing to do is a byproduct later this year. Includes musical, dance. Shooting in LA. Named LA LA Land.

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