Variety First Artisan Awards, SBIFF: 2015



Reviewed by Beata Bergman. Viewed at The Arlington Theatre, Santa Barbara Film Festival.

The host and Variety editor Tim Grey interviewed all the stars from the outstanding works in their films 2014. First they showed the clips from the films and then after they interviewed everyone.

Theory Of Everything- Steve Noble- Custom Design: “I had to dress 3400 persons. Try to make shoes for that period was hard, so i had to compromise.”

Boyhood- Sandra Adarie- Editing: “3-4 years i did pre-production. Editing what would be for the next years was the hard thing to do. It look improvised but it’s really not.”

Foxcatcher- Bill Corso- Makeup: “We did a makeup test on Steve and that was nice because you don’t always get to do that. But it was hard to do Steve, he has a very special face and known for his humor. Channing wanted to too do more alike the real persons that the film is based upon. We used wigs and fake noses. Very old school stuff.”

Mr. Turner- Suzie Davis- Product Design: “We built one scene/structure in a big house, it was very great. Most of the set is not built. The house is mostly real. Turners house is the most of the location. We have a schedule because we are on a budget and for time to.”

Lego Movie- Shawn Patterson- Song (Everything is awesome): “Director Chris gave me some concepts. A week, a week and half for the final draft. The reaction to the film doesn’t impress me that much but the song i never thought it would be that of a hit.”

Richard King & Mark Weingarten- Sound Editing and Mixing: “Put together the sound and mixing is to do if it fit. The goal is to make it real as much as you can. We chosen different location and theatre to make the best sounds. The robots  was the hardest to fix. Sound mixing is the final thing with music.”

Plan Of The Apes- Joe Letteri- Visual Effects: “Visual effects is always post-production. We used real Chimpanzee to know how to make the visual effects more real.”

Into The Woods- Dion Beebe- Cinematography: “With fairytale characters it was challenging to do them more real because the have already a story. The best ideas in the room wins.”

And it sure is great work from all of the winners.

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