How to train your dragon 2 (Dean DeBlois, 2014): USA

Reviewed by Mia Johansson, Viewed at the Santa Barbara Film Festival.

7219 I never saw the first movie which made it harder for me to understand what is was all about, but even though, I found it really easy to enjoy. The movie has a strong character and it speaks to one’s own friendships, what I mean by that is that it’s easy to relate, even if the relationship is about a man and a dragon. Even though the movie is animated I think everyone could enjoy it, no matter what age you are. The movie is set in the earlier days and it’s about a young man called Hiccup and his girlfriend Astrid both live with dragons. Before their time, the theory about living with dragons were frowned upon because everyone thought it was dangerous. Although, the opposite has been proven and they are now living side by side with them. There is another, mean, young man who also trains dragons, his mission is to take over the village. Hiccup, who doesn’t agree with his opponent fights him in a battle where his dad also takes place, unfortunately, his dad dies. Hiccup, who is the main character of this movie, has never had the opportunity of meeting his own mother until one day where he gets to meet her for the first time, I think that scene is so special and it brings a lot of emotions into the movie. The movie has a great way of showing what friendship is all about, and that it can conquer everything. In the end of the movie, Hiccup takes over the place as chief of the village after his father’s death, and the movie ends happily. I find it easy to watch, a classic movie with a lot of emotions which I think is very important. The message is wonderful and the directors has really shown what friendship and love is about and as I said before, that it can conquer everything, that’s my favorite part about this movie.

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