Life After Pi (Scott Leberecht, 2015): USA

Reviewed by Furkan Altunkaynak. Viewed at SBIFF 2015.

Before seeing this documentary short Life After Pi I had some idea about VFX industry that is going down and people’s problems about not getting paid enough. But I always think as a they are making 1 million instead of making 2 millions; it turned out it’s not like that at all.

The short documentary life After Pi is based on the big blockbuster movie Life of Pi by the director Ang Lee back in 2012. The movie Life of Pi as we all know one of the most talked movies of it’s time about it’s award winning VFX effects; how can we forget that gorgeous tiger animation. The company Rhythm & Hues in Los Angeles what Life After Pi is showing us; its bankruptcy because of the movie Life of Pi.

Life after Pi points out how Hollywood used this artist and also at the end how Hollywood becomes the reason of closing one of the oldest companies in this business.

I knew that Hollywood is a place that is full of kids who are not very well organize with their wishes. What they want to do in a movie usually not decided until the last minute of the part that will shot, or the director is ready to have a decision. So what they do is they keep spending money on people just to stay where they are ready to go. Which means just spending money for nothing; But VFX people are one of the departments that not paid by the hour but by the finish product. This Hollywood’s unsure decisions with continuously changing what they want about finished product costs harm to the artists.

The Hollywood pays to some other countries to not pay the tax by understandable reasons but the consequences are horrible on this people’s life. One of the reasons being people have to move to Canada to continue what they have been doing the best. They have the leave their families, and work day and night just to gain some satisfactory from Hollywood.

When companies in America wants the job to work they have to the lower the prize as much as tax paid to government otherwise Hollywood people makes a decision of buying the product from other countries like Canada to not pay the tax.

I under stand that this is a business but it is a art form to begin with and leaving the artist with what not they deserve is not showing respect to these people being. I become really sensitive about his subject. Thank you for making this documentary. There is no word for me write how much appreciated I am to this great documentary. Thank you.

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