The Lady in the Van (Nicholas Hytner, 2015) UK

Based on a true story this film is about a stubborn woman that builds a strong bond with a man by living out front of his house. Maggie Smith plays the role of Miss Shepherd, and a women who mysteriously seeks to live in her van. The entirety of the movie Miss Shepherd is stationed outside Alan Bennett’s house played by Alex Jennings upon his request. Mr.bennett faces his sub conscious as a responding character to many of Miss Shepherd outrageous acts as his “other role” as that of a writer.

It is truly admirable that Mr. Bennett lets a random women in need live at his doorstep. Through the movie you can see as Mr.Bennett comes to care for the withered old lady and a unspoken bond is created. The truth behind her mysterious life is unknown till the end and comes around to make much sense. Mr.Bennett asked Miss Shepherd to leave and gave her notices however she remains in the same spot until she passes away. Nearly 15 years go by of taking care and watching out for her, even strolls around the neighborhood become frequent. Many people seem to stereotype the women and who wouldn’t right?  and after you hear her reasoning how might you look at her then? Unknown-3


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