Men go to Battle ( Zachary Treitz, 2015) USA

A story of two brothers struggling to keep their farm. The brothers seem very close at the beginning and both do what they can to sustain their farm that seems to be going down a bad road. Fear of losing the land drives these hard working brothers to get up early and be true ranch managers, while at night falling asleep to each other in the same bed is nothing out of the ordinary. The brothers argue and face conflict and a role identity is revealed within the start of the movie. One brothers (Francis) seems a bit selfish and self centered while Henry is humble and seeks to be on his own. 

Francis is set on staying home and providing for their estate while the other veers off to battle. The underlying film is hard to grasp as the brothers stay close, but don’t desire to be by the others side. Writing letters to each other keeps them happy and in good prayer while distant, however it is easy to see that one brother cares more than the other.  A resemblance of growing up and going away struck me here as it relates to the brothers, and the title of the film.

I recommend seeing this film and making a personal opinion about the themes touched in this film. I was waiting for something more to happen than the simplistic life of ranch hands in Kentucky in 1861.Unknown-2

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