Neon Bull (Gabriel Mascaro, 2015): Brazil | Uruguay | Netherlands

Reviewed by Adam Bensalah. Viewed during 2015 AFI FEST.

The movie “Neon Bull” written by Gabriel Mascaro shows how some circumstances such as ones background, culture, and environment stands against or prevents one from living his or her dream. Iremar, the main character is a cowboy but what he really fancies is fashion designing. Growing up in South America made a connection between all factors that shape the personality of Iremar and all the people around him. However, his desire and ambition were stronger than his will to be a normal person.

His encounter with the cologne saleswomen widely opened his eyes to a world where his dreams would become reality. Sometimes being determined and motivated is not sufficient; putting effort, getting more connections, and willing to risk everything to fulfill a dream is highly required in order for one to achieve a certain goal.

His relationship with the sales woman was for his own benefit. It proved to be very helpful because the ending scene had a dancer wearing Iremar’s outfit meaning that his dreams really did come true. The immoral side of the movie was that even though she was pregnant, it did not stop Iremar from having sex with her. However, the message behind the scenes is that one should chase his or her dreams no matter what obstacles he or she will have to face in the process because at the end, it does prove to be useful.

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