Paradise (Sina Ataeian Dena, 2015): Iran | Germany

Reviewed by Adam Bensalah. Viewed during 2015 AFI FEST.

During the last century, all over the world, the request for equality between men and women, has been given a great importance and prioritized in order to develop our society as one unified community. Yet, some countries, where religion and mystical thoughts are still taking control over people`s manners and ways of conduct, unfortunately, have not given women the rights and treatment they really deserve. Iran, is one of these countries. With that being said, the movie titled ` Paradise`, intends to shed light on the discrimination that women suffer from in Iran; this reality was criticized by providing an example of a girl Henniah, who was struggling trying to find a job inside a society where all men look down upon women and control them limiting their freedom and right to make their own choices.

Along with having to deal with inequality and injustice, women in Iran, do not even feel safe and protected; They endure the fear of being raped, beaten, and abused in their daily routines. This movie has made this threat clear enough to be acknowledged by the audience by referring to all the girls who were kidnapped and gone missing for a long time with no single attempt to save them.

The end of the movie, in my opinion, was shocking and frustrating, since it led us to think that Henniah joined this unknown and sketchy motorcycle in his ride. He might be the one responsible of all the abductions.
To sum up, if we were to be brave enough to protect and save these women from the prison world they are living in somewhere in the world, we must start by critically thinking of all our understandings of our inner conceptions, and shaping them in order to make them match up with logic and good mental health.

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