Comedic Shorts Santa Barbara International Film Festival 2016

Best-MatesReviewed By Reynaldo Ayon Viewed at the Santa Barbara international film festival 2016

Many of the comedic shorts that were presented during the film festival were very well done but there were two films that stood out more than others during the 90 minute screening. Those films include best mates directed by Benedict Wall and another short film named as Madam black directed by Ivan Barge.

In the short film Best mates,  A man with a recent child  that arrived in his life has his best friend call him up in the middle of the night to help him out with a situation that had occurred to him. He goes to his friends apartment to only find out that he was involved in the murder of a Mexican stripper that he invited in his apartment. This story is all based on testing ones friendship since he is asked what should happen next. The twist in the story happens when all the story was staged and the prostitute was just the cleaning lady but when the man approaches the lady she jumps up and screams while the man kills her by striking her with a frying pan.

The second short film, Madam Black has to do with the a man who is a photographer who comes out of a clients house when then he drives around the block and runs over a black cat who belongs to a little girl who lives nearby. she comes up to him and asks about her cat. He makes up a story about the cat that she ran away to explore the world. She asks him for proof and updates and he passed by her house over the course of time to tell the story of the girls dead cat. The man builds a friendship with the girl over the course of time. The man ends up giving the girl a new kitten that belonged to madam black.

The two comedic short films are the one ones that stood out to me the most since the story of these two are the ones that stood out to me the most since these two stories build out a relationship and bring the two characters in the end even if the two the comedy and plot of it is very dark the two short films are worth the watch for the young teens and up.

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