Vehille (Fumihiko Sori, 2007): Canada

Vehille is the name of the lead character who is followed from the very beginning. In the end all her comrades are killed and she is the only won left. Japan has put themselves in isolation from the world for the last ten years. They withdrew fron the international society because they refused to stop working with andriods. Specifically trying to make andriods like humans. The andriods it had been decided were a viable threat to the human race. A plot to over throw the American goverenment caused Vehille and her elite military squad, SWORD, to go into Japan.

This film was done totally with Computer animation. It’s presentation was slick and fun to watch. The movie though lacked the power to move me. With Vehille’s face being shown in tight close up I wanted to see more reaction from the image. It was a like watching a very exspensive and well done cartoon on Saturday with my nephew. It was an original plot and this was so formulaic that I was bored. I basically knew what was going to happen before it did. The robots looked like something straight out of Star Wars or Robo-Cop.

The most intersesting part of the film were the Jags. In the no mans land outside of Tokyo the Jags looked like the Earth Worms of Dune. Only these were able to fly higher and devoured only metal, any kind of metal. The towered through the sky, spiriling only to crash to the ground. In just pure terms of asectics they were beauty to watch. There needed to be more of these cover over the fact that the film lacked plot or other points of interest.

In terms of wanting to see is the cutting edge of computer driven cinema, this is a very good place to start. Possibly being raised on movies like the Rear Window where characters are motivated, developed and have substance has tainted me. It is like something almost intagible that Vehille did not have; that Vehille left me flat like a fortune cookie with no fortune to be read inside.


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