The Little Prince (Mark Osborne, 2015): France

Reviewed by Adam Holm, Santa Barbara Film Festival 2016, Arlington Theater.


The opening film of this years Santa Barbara film festival “The Little Prince” was definitely one of the best films at the whole festival. It was not only one of the best films at the festival in my opinion but also the best Animated Film i have ever seen. This animated film had a deeper message and impact on me, than most normal feature films. “The Little Prince” is Originally from Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s book but i still haven’t heard about the film or the book, before i entered the opening of the film festival.

The film starts out with a beautiful minimalistic drawing-stop motion animation montage of the little prince which is a presentation of him as a character, before we move on to the real animation film about the little girl which is the main character. Narratively we are told a story in a story – The real animated film is about a little girl, played by Mackenzie Foy, who lives with her single mother who pressure her to get as much out her life as possible. The mother wants her daughter to get in the a school, which is why she pushes the little girl every day. The little girls everyday life seems boring and the same, until she meets their neighbor, The Aviator, who is everything else than boring. He is the complete opposite than everything the little girl knows of, and therefor they become friends. When the girl starts visiting the Aviator once a week, he tells her story about the “Little Prince”. And there it goes.

When it comes to the visual part of “The Little Prince” it was definitely the best i saw on the whole festival. The music from Hans Zimmer was absolut magnificent, the stopmotion animation was fantastic and not to mention the acting from Paul Rudd, Jeff Bridges, James Franco and so on. Also the whole animation in the actual film was amazing, which is one of the reason why the film is really worth seeing. It’s hard to make a reference to this particular film because it’s so much more than an animation film.

I would recommend everybody i know to go and watch this film, because it really is a special experience you get from this animated film.

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