One More Time (Robert Edwards, 2015): USA

Reviewed by Justin Richard. Viewed at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival 2016.


A comical drama written and directed by Robert Edwards starring Christopher Walken and Amber Heard tells a story of two musicians redefining themselves. Walken playing the character of Paul and Heard acting as the daughter named Jude. The film introduces themselves to be psychologically complex within their relationship, and as upperclass citizens they search for resolution.

The opening scene illustrates both characters engulfed with their own mental problems practicing an unorthodox father-daughter relationship. As they sit on the couch in the basement of Paul’s mansion in the Hamptons he speaks to his daughter about his old success. While doing so, he smokes a joint passing it nonchalantly to his daughter for them to share. Meanwhile, Jude just arrived to the house from previously being evicted and forced to move away from Brooklyn. As the conversation continues Paul blurts, “look where I am living. Yes, the slums of the Hamptons”, not saying in-spite of Jude, but because he is so worried about himself.

Additionally, Jude is insecure with herself seen by her demeanor and the way she is dressed. Jude deals with many issues. She cannot fully take of herself, she slept with many men at one point of her life, her father is not mentally there to help her with her issues, her sister is considered the over-achiever of the two daughters, and although a talented musician she has not achieved the desired success. Comparatively, Paul is very much similar: lives unfulfillingly, his daughter is stuck in a rut, he is not respectful of the people surrounding himself, and he is full of himself. Both of the two dealing with so many of their own problems that neither can help one another and it results in the two butting heads.

Jude struggling to find herself tries for help; however, only fails doing so. She has a therapist to help her but she slept with him. She speaks to her father often but they argue constantly and every way she turns it negatively affects her. However, the plot of the story follows when she sees all of her mistakes in her father. His father is sleeping with other women and he cannot bring success back to his music. Just as Jude sleeps with many people and also struggles to kick off her music career. Jude has an epiphany and realizes she is the same and begins the mission of resolving her problems.

Now the problem being established, the two start their journey to find peacefulness within themselves and toward each other throughout the film. The story continues as a quirky comical drama.

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