Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2 (Harry Lee, 1987): USA

Reviewed by Jian Gedrick


Garbage Day! This is where that infamous Internet meme emerged from, the travesty Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2. It’s not worth the effort of explaining the plot as Silent Night, Deadly Night 2 is so arbitrary, and junky, and undeserving of anybody’s attention, those who had their time wasted by it do however deserve an explanation for its inception. Director Lee Harry claims the producers insisted on re-editing the first Silent Night, Deadly Night and try passing it off as a sequel, while he wanted to create an entirely new film but didn’t have enough material. The result is this.

Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2 should be considered a metonym for utter contempt towards film. This desultory followup to the awful killer Santa flick has outright disdain for its creation and all those who watch it. It’s driven by an incomplete idea that evidently doesn’t pass for a plot following Ricky Caldwell (Eric Freeman), the younger brother of the psychotic murdering teen from the first movie, being interviewed by a psychiatrist in a mental hospital. From there half the film, in one of the most pathetic efforts in film history, spends its time recapping the events from the first film using the exact same footage! Indeed several parts of the film are testimonies the filmmakers aren’t concerned about anything other than getting an adequate running time for an inadequate picture: unimportant scenes are dragged on for minutes, the entire cast from the original are included in the closing credits. There are even moments where Silent Deadly Night Part 2 defies its own storyline as the scene where Ricky and his girlfriend Jennifer (Elizabeth Kaftan) are in a movie theater watching the first Silent Night, Deadly Night even though the movie has shamelessly wasted its time demonstrating all these events really DID occur. The portion of the film that isn’t recycled footage of the first is amusing schlock with absurd effects, situations, dialogue, and performances (Eric Freeman’s egregious acting accompanied by his oddball mannerisms, smirks, and dancing eyebrows is flat out hilarious). Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2‘s careless assembly amounts to it being an inexcusable, sloppy mess with not enough original footage to suffice as a sequel or a laughably bad film. It’s anti-horror, anti-sequel, anti-movie. The celluloid might as well have been used for toilet paper, it is a total dump on cinema.



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