Wulu (Daouda Coulibaly, 2016): France


A bad boy scared to the right path returns for the quick hustle. This movie is very interesting showing the inequality faced by many unheard voices Where hard work does not mean improvement of life but just exploitation. This movie will make you think of Africa’s Pablo Escobar.

Although most of the profile photos in the IMDB credits are missing the acting were phenomenal and the title means dog. This film is the underdog with mostly unknown names taking major rules of the film. The sister, Ndiaye Ismael and the main character Dembele Habib are both great duo that go from having nothing to social climbing making this film very exhilarating.

The movie begins with a hard working young man that works as the helping hand for the little bus. He works very hard at arranging the best routes and has develped a theory to increase profitibility like not allowing pretty women on the bus to ensure he is not distrcted. He is smart and does not let emotion get in the way of buisness. He expects to rise in rank and finally he begins training a helping hand so he could move up. To discover that his postion was fillled by the owners nephew this detroyed Issaikai and made him return to the fast life. He begins to move drugs.

The movie uses a lot of close shots and fast paced edits to increase the viewers attention. the film also has strong soundtrack allowing the change of the character to be heard. The acting was superb the main actor does a great scene where he is demanded to take control of his friend by his boss and he promptly continues not allowing emotion to get in the way of business. They are in a dog eat dog world were mistakes are not forgiven.

This movie remineded me of Amores Perros in the sense that it was very raw and left you with a bitter sweet fealing in the end.

This movie will leave you greatly entertained and will show you the pathway that a man whose been beatean into submission can do if his family depends on him.

Reviewed by Diego Mendoza. Viewed at the AFI Fest, 2016.


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