The Demons (Philippe Lesage, 2016): Canada

Reviewed by Emma Thorstensen. Viewed at AFI Film Fest, 2016.

This French film both written and directed by Philippe Lesage. His first motion picture film follows a young boy’s entering to the adult life. A very likable film that will hostage the viewer with wonder until the very end. What made it even more interesting was the director’s appearance while telling the audience that this was his own story. The story about young Félix with his rough childhood, we get to watch the parents chase each other and fight right in front of their children. Luckily, Félix has his two older siblings François and Emanuelle to look up to. From a start you get the impression that this story mainly follows Félix’ rough childhood but it quickly evolves into his crush with the teacher, minutes later him exploring being in bed with another guy. Right after that we enter the storyline of a fellow city boy serial killer and child molester.

The story has a lot of potential and it was a great film while watching it, not until leaving the theatre and actually getting time to really think of the storyline of this film did it occur that the wrap up of the film really wasn’t that great.

It’s a realistic drama in most ways. Do wish that the director would have revealed a few more details though. It was a really good film that could have been great. Unfortunately the ending felt like they ran out of time while creating the movie.

Starring Laurent Lucas, also known as Berg on the french version of The Returned (2012)

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