The happiest day in the life of Olli Mäki(Johu Kuosmanen, 2016): Finland | Sweden | Germany

Reviewed by Emma Thorstensen. Viewed at AFI Fest, 2016.

Director and screenwriter Johu Kuosmanen invites you into this incredible feel-good film about the happiest day in the life of Featherweight boxer Olli Mäki from Finland. The film is screened in black and white to create an authentic feeling of the late 50’s up until the early 60’s where this film is set. This film balances romance and success with a good set of humor pumped into it. While Olli’s agent frequently encourages him to set aside his love interest for beautiful Raija to focus on glory and success, just making him even more eager to follow his heart.

Known in his home country for movies like Beauty and the Bastards (2005) and Ganes (2007) Eero Milonoff plays Olli’s agent Eli Ask alongside Jarkko Lahti in the leading role as Olli Mäki and Oona Airola as Raija.

A biography contemplating events leading up to what’s going to be the happiest day in our main character’s life, but will it? Will he lose anything in the process of reaching his goals or will this man have all he ever wanted in life? This film is truly worth the watch and many laughs will come with it.


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