Prevenge (Alice Lowe, 2016): UK

Reviewed by Emma Thorstensen. Viewed at AFI Film Fest, 2016.

This film by Alice Lowe is nowhere close to the ones where you at the beginning of the screening start guessing where the story is about to go. Probably the most unexpected film shown at the festival. In this film Alice Lowe directs, writes and even plays the part of her main character Ruth who’s unborn baby seeks revenge on the men supposably responsible for the death of her father. This film has a lot of unfiltered scenes and sensitive viewers should seriously be warned.

So if you suffer from Emetophobia or Arachnophobia, this is not a film for you!!!!

Other than that this was a pretty good film with a very unique and funny idea. Alice Lowe, seen in high class films such as Hot Fuzz and TV shows like Sherlock is mainly a British actress that recently started a directing carrier.

Kate Dickie (The Witch, 2015)  and Gemma Whalen (Game of Thrones, 2012-2017) are two of the fellow well-known British actresses who stars along Lowe in this unexpected comedy horror.


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