Lion (Garth Davis, 2016): India I Austrailia


Lion is a story about Saroo, a brave 5 year old child who gets lost in the streets of India. Separated from his family, Saroo then makes his way to Tanzania after being adopted by an Australian couple living there. Years after he was pulled out of the years he suffered, Saroo a man now, struggles to know where he comes from and what has come to happen to his beloved mother and brother Guddu. The movie highlights the journey Saroo embarks and how he attempts to map his old hometown using memories he remembererd since he was only 5. Between the directors great vision, cinematography and Patel’s observable talent, Saroo’s life was remarkably researched taking the audience way closer than they had ever imagined. Director Garth Davis’s task was not an easy one, having to bring someones life and experiences on the screen and expecting audiences to have empathy for a character, laugh when they do, and cry when they do is hard. Though Davis was able to capture this competently and take audiences through a series of emotions just in a two and a half hour time frame. The most intriguing thing i find about this movie, is not that its theme does not revolve only around the life of Saroo, but also shows the harsh reality children in India face each and every day. As Saroo gets lost, he stumbles upon many who refuse to help, some who pretend to help, and the very few willing to sacrifice and help a child in need. Through the eyes of Saroo, the audience is able to analyze all of these elements and is forced to perceive how ugly this world can be sometimes, and how big of an effect our loved ones can have on our lives. Not just does Lion show the harsh reality, cultural differences, love and life of Saroo, but also sheds light on humanity in its best and worst cases.

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