Things to come (Mia Hansen-Love, 2016): France I Germany


      Things To Come (L’avenir), i think, is a very controversial movie. The movie revolves around Natalie – a high school philosophy teacher – who loses everything she has, only to find that her loss has set her free. After Natalie finds herself unbound of all her responsibilities, she begins to pave the life she wanted and abandon the one she had stumbled upon. The movie revolves around Natalie who goes through the hard life of being a teacher, losing her mother, and getting cheated on by her husband. Though bizarrely, Natalie is unaffected and begins to find a new life for herself. The movie, i think in addition to the life of Natalie, gives a bit of an insight on french culture. Utilizing long shots Director Mia Hansen-Love portrays how a french middle classed dinner table looks like, and what is usually talked about during dinner. The movie also tends to focus on the culture of politics in France and how there is always an opinion and the opposite of it. All of these elements show the audience how the life of Natalie really is, and how she has been living throughout her life. Throughout the movie Natalie faces multiple dilemmas only to calmly accept each and every one of them. Not just has Natalie endured her husbands cheating and mothers death, but welcomed it and saw this happening for a reason. An educated woman and philosophy teacher, she meets with her student throughout the movie, who then becomes her only friend despite their age difference. even though i found the movie to have excellent cinematography and acting,  however, i found Things To Come to be slightly vague, i feel the movie missed a clear and emphasized climax. Even though the point of this movie is maybe, to have no point, i do not know whether it is a movie intended for just film enthusiasts or the masses.

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