John G. Avildsen: King of the Underdogs (Derek Wayne Johnson 2016)|USA

by Finso Gyaltsen, viewed at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival (Feb. 2017)

John G Avildsen

King of The Underdogs:

Why that name?

Its cause John told stories,

Stories about Underdogs

That were his biggest hits

Rising above from the bog

Rocky & The Karate Kid

Sadly his only hits

At least the ones you or I know of

Next came a few flops

Then came obscurity and problems

The director of this doc. grew up on Avildsen movies

This film attempts to rekindle and remind us.

This doc, just like the John G Avildsen’s movies

Has a feel good vibe to it which wears off pretty quick

Did people lose interest in these feel good movies?

Or did too much cheese lead to lactose intolerance





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