Pear Cider and Cigarettes (Robert Valley, 2016) Canada | UK

By Gustav Arndal. Viewed at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival.

Ode to Turbo

I was young and wild when he came into my life

Like a hurricane coming to the beach

They called him Turbo and he lived like a man

Who had nothing to learn or to teach

He and I were friends, at least that’s what he told me

Though our lives went on separate tracks

He went through jail and adrenaline highs

And through cigarettes like they were his snacks


He threw parties for people he never really knew

And spent his wealth on cigarettes and pear cider brew

He was cool all the time, but it’s a life only he could enjoy

Here’s to Turbo who could never be destroyed



Women that could break a young man in half

And drugs for a thrill seeker’s soul

I lost touch while he crashed through his life

To the opposite end of the world

To China where he might get a second chance

If his liver was not undermined

I caught him almost drinking every now and then

But he knew I would catch him in time.


I saw him when he barely could walk on all two

Caught him when he looked for some pear cider brew

But he was restored, and we fled to the skies, out of town

Here’s to Turbo who nothing could take down


Later as I draw from my teen memories

I get a shocking letter in the post

The life he had lived came back for revenge

Like a hurricane coming to the coast

So old friend, Turbo, here’s to you!

I raise you a fresh glass of pear cider brew

That you loved like you loved any thrill

Here’s to Turbo, who I thought nothing could kill


[image taken from imdb]


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