Tanna (Martin Butler, Bentley Dean 2015) Netherlands

Viewed by Alicia Huhn at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival 2017.

This is a love story in the truest form.  A primal love story taking place on the island of Tanna of the Vanuatu islands off the coast of Australia.  The Yakel tribe of Tanna is one tribe divided that becomes united in love.  Played by the real tribes people of Tanna, it is visually beautiful, entertaining and educational.  The lush landscape of the island is breathtaking contrasted with the beauty of the deadly volcano which is their God as well.  The theme of forgiveness is simple yet unexpectedly unfolds. Even in the jungle old ways of thinking and ignorance play out against the heroism and triumphant true love of the main characters and the elders of one side of the tribe who are the proponents of peace.  The movie feels like a drama but I left feeling enlightened as with a documentary. I am careful not to reveal too much of this suspenseful yet charming and heroic tale of love conquering all and the sacrifices made for love to endure.


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