Charged: The Eduardo Garcia Story (Phillip Baribeau, 2017): USA, Mexico

Reviewed by Cyrus Davar viewed at Arlington Theater at the Santa Barbara Film Festival 2017.

Having been only the second documentary ever screened during an opening night ceremony just is to show you how impactful a documentary can have on such an audience. With such a powerful and heart-felt story, Having been electrocuted  by 2400 volts of electricity and losing an arm, rib,and much muscle mass charged, takes you through the triumph of  recovery. Like most documentaries you feel a sense of repetitiveness occurring over and over but throughout charged it had you clinging to the edge of your seat throughout the whole documentary. By far the most impactful and inspiring documentary i’ve been given the pleasure and opportunity to witness. Reflecting back to the night of the screening i recall gandering around my surroundings wondering how the audience reacted to such emotional, and impactful content that many alike my self haven’t indulged fully in. Having the privilege the following morning to attend a discussion with the whole cast and crew of Charged it was truly an experience that will not be forgotten. The constructing of this documentary was a handful to say the least, the production lasting years on end  as well as the nightmare of editing coming into factor editing was also quite a tedious process, due to there being an endless amount of footage to go through and to really pinpoint which chunks of footage you would like to use out 15 hours of footage is not an easy task to accomplish. Making the process easier on the editor Eduardo aided him helping decide which shots he thought would best tell the story of Eduardo’s Journey. Continuously i found myself observing the style of cinematography especially  in documentary films. Shooting digital allows for more aesthetically pleasing imagery. Allowing viewers to see every minor detail and to understand from multiple views. Having been able to speak with producer of the documentary he enlightened me on how we want about tackling such a project. He informed me that Eduardo was a personal friend of his and had called him to work on this project. The Producer deliberately told me he does not get into documentary or independent affairs rather just sticking to commercial content goes to show just how driven the whole cast and crew were to finally execute the finish product for viewers to engage in such an inspiring story.


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