bunker 77 ( Takuji Masuda, 2016) Switzerland | Namibia | South Africa | USA

Reviewed by Cyrus Davar During the Santa Barbara International Film Festival.

Bunker 77 is a true story based on a young American rebel whose seeking freedom. Heir to the Spreckels sugar fortune, a surfer, but also a big game hunter, martial arts aficionado, wild man and self-styled player who dressed like a pimp inherence millions of dollars following his twenty-first birthday. His name was Bunker Spreckles who lived fast and died young. Hiring Craig Stecyk who was embedded in the surf and skate scene along with photographer Art Brewer to capture his life. The project came to an early halt following his death in 1977 due to a heroin overdose. Bunkers style was like no other style of surfing out there in the world. He was known for riding extremely fast and sported the smallest boards like no one had ever seen. He had turned into a sensation over night he went from no clothes on his back to buying mercedes-benz and taking his friends all across the country. Mausda stated in an interview “Bunker represents the rebellious nature of the surfing tribe that still attempts to be individualistic in this global society.” The archival footage released is exclusive never before seen footage of bunker that hasn’t been released until now. Giving the viewers a perspective unlike they’ve seen before. In-depth discussions with friends from Tony Alva, Johnny Knoxville and many more. With such an A list crew on board to help take the enormous workflow off Masuda shoulders. It’s narrated by Mike Judge, creator of “Silicon Valley” and “King of the Hill.” The music was created by Adam Peters, best known for composing the scores for Oliver Stone’s “Savages” and “Snowden.” It’s executive produced by Anthony Kiedis of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Stephen Gaghan (“Traffic”), Edward Norton (“25th Hour”) and more. The way the documentary was arranged was cinematically pleasing. It was almost as if it was a Rollercoaster and you had just strapped in for a wild time. Not knowing when the rides over you just fasten up and shut up. A true story that you will simply not forget.

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