Wajib ( Annemarie Jaeir): Palestine/France

Reviewed by Samantha Mendez, Viewed by Samantha

In Annemarie Jacir film “Wajib” were taken into the lives of Shadi and his father who are on the mission to deliver wedding invitations to their daughter/sisters wedding. But, with the constant need approval from family and friends, as well as some bumps along the way, Shadis eyes and his father’s eye open up to a whole new spectrum in their lives. What stood out to me the most was how this movie was based on a true story, both of them going through a hard time in their lives. I believe that’s what made a real connection with the viewers so strong; all families go through that struggle, the constant need of acceptance from those around them.

What I found the most interesting out of everything in the film was the major emphasis on smoking. Just how many of the shots in the film had to do with smoking and seeing repetitiveness of the cigarettes gave major indications that it was going to be a very stressful situation. Yet that just correlates with everyone else in the film to and just how in that particular area everyone is going through a hard time and use that cope. I thought it was nice touch though when the father and son decide to smoke together and it was just revelation of how this is life and that’s that; so the best of it has to be made.

Another thing that also stood out in the film was the sort of focus on the holidays; in this case it was Christmas. Camera shots focused a lot on Christmas lights and Christmas trees as well stuffed animals dressed in that kind of holiday attire. Christmas is a time for family to gather around and be together to enjoy moments and make memories. And for that to be one of the struggles in the film, being able to get everyone together, really creates stress in the film and it also sets the environment of the film too.

One thing that was also an excellent choice was the use of costumes. Let’s take a look at Shadi for instance, he was dressed very;he was in a form of animal print and red pants. Everyone else around is dressed very casual, some of the family was dressed a tad bit nice and some of the others were dressed to their class hierarchy.

Overall this film was very touching and had an excellent meaning which, was really about bringing their family together and really being able to understand one another and their feelings. Anyone would enjoy it.


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