Barefoot in the park(Gene Saks,1967):USA

This late sixties comedy romance by Gene Saks,was a refreshing change from the current films that are out.Although the cast was fairly small the movie did a good job holding your attention.Robert Redford and Jane Fonda play a newlywed couple madly in love with each other .Things really heat up after a horse drawn carriage ride to a five star hotel in downtown New York where the honeymooners spend a whole week in their room.After the honey moon the newlywed couple take up residence in an apartment flat the groom had rented  on the fifth floor.This ads a ton of laughs to the film as you see people that have come to visit and delivery guys  and even the groom, gasping for breath at the top of the stairs.They have an eccentric neighbor that lives in the attic that the brides mother takes a liking to.                        The young newlyweds have a quarrel and end up overreacting. This leads to one of them wanting a divorce .The struggles and great times that young couples share are reflected on in great taste in this sixties film.                                                                                                                         I like the music that  sound man Neal Hefti had playing throughout the movie.The cinematography was mainly long shots of the room, capturing  everyone involved in the scene at once ,kind of like in play format.The mise-en-scene was in downtown Manhatten New York ,where  having a flat on the fifth floor is not only believable ,but very common.Overall I feel this movie was acted out ,directed and filmed excellent. If you’ve never had the chance to see this film I strongly suggest it.


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