Man of Integrity (Mohammad Rasoluf, 2017): Iran

Reviewed by Cyrus Davar viewed at the AFI Film Festival. 

M – assively powerful content and heartfelt storyline regarding political injustice

A – iming at the social injustice, we dive into the corruption and suppression Iran has to offer.

N – amed and awarded Un Certain Regard prize at Cannes Film Festival and participating in the main program at FFSF.


O – ppresion is portrayed to an extreme where you cannot fathom the reasoning such cruelty.

F – orced to smuggle picture out of Iran in order for the world to see his expression.


I – Iranian film that shows the social injustice of the county, while the directors visa was revoked and was unable to attend any festivals for the film once arriving back to Iran.

N – eccessary subject matter to bring to the surface where in such a country it is forbidden to converse about such a topic.

T – angled between conforming to the system and rebelling and fighting against the authoritarian figure.

E – ngagement is astronomically high in a such a masterpiece of a film where you will always question what you are seeing.

G – reatest film at the festival for the sole purpose of the content consumed.

R – arely do you submerge into films with this sort of meaning behind the overall message of the picture.

I – mmoral standpoint from the islamic republic of Iran but without people like Mohammad Rasoulof these topics would never be surfaced.

T – uff circumstances are displayed throughout the film, where you can identify with the main characters and collect meaning.

Y – outhful outlook on the way the younger generation has come to conform with the justice system and the social corruption of the country Iran.


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