Molly’s Game (Aaron Sorkin, 2017): USA

Reviewed by Cyrus Davar at the AFI Film Fest 2017.

Aaron Sorkins directorial debut as well as the closing night gala, Molly’s Game was the greatest female performance of the year.

A successful crime drama portrays the presence of both good and bad luck in the pursuit of excellence. Sorkin’s narration of Molly’s Game is pure evidence of a master screenwriter. Although some of the story line is a bit force-fed and a bit hard to interpret at times. He submerges the audience into two timelines with one being of Molly narrating her past actions as well as the marvelous and brilliant Idris Elba remapping the actions that got Molly to where she is now. We are quickly thrusted into Molly’s perspective exploring her childhood w/ a heartfelt performance by her  father played by Kevin Costner. who is a large part of Molly’s life throughout the story as her ski coach, psychiatrist and life coach. The information that is being narrated through Molly is fed all a bit too fast at times it almost feels as if someone just drank 10 espresso shots and tried to explain there whole life story in under 30 minutes. Sorkin is quite credible for his rapid fire dialogue, where it leaves the audience questioning the indigestible amount of information being thrown our way for an absurd 2hr plus length . He also fails to delve into some of the misfortunes and struggles the character Molly goes through. The performance of Jessica Chastain was so engaging where you felt as if you were right there with her at the poker table, through her addictions, through her trials, and most of all through her victories.

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