Get the Weed (Brechner, Guerrero, Hecht, 2017): Uruguay, USA

Reviewed by Thomas J Miller.  Viewed at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival. 2018.

Uruguayan President, Jose Mujica is running out of time and he needs a foolproof plan.  He commissions Alfredo Rodriguez, the Director of the Uruguayan Chamber of Legal Marijuana, to secure a marijuana supplier in the United States to help export 50 tons of marijuana to Uruguay after it is fully legalized in the country.  

Alfredo is on an unofficial mission to “Get the Weed”.

Mujica: This mission is for the people of Uruguay.  Do you understand Alfredo?

Alfredo: I understand Mr. President.

Mujica: What do you understand Alfredo?

Alfredo: I understand you, Mr. President.

Mujica: You understand me?

Alfredo: I understand you, Mr. President.

Mujica: Where are you Alfredo?

Alfredo: In Colorado with momma Mr. President.

Mujica: Obama is in Colorado?  Did you get the weed?

Alfredo: No, Mr. President. Obama is in Washington. Momma is in Colorado.  Not yet.

Mujica: Why aren’t you in Washington?

Alfredo: Because, I’m in Colorado Mr. President.

Mujica: Alfredo!

Alfredo: Yes Mr. President.


Alfredo: Don’t worry Mr. President, Tato is here.

Mujica: Now I’m worried Alfredo.

Alfredo: Don’t worry Mr. President. The Jamaicans can help.

Mujica: How can the Jamaicans help Alfredo?

Alfredo: Get the weed, Mr. President.

Mujica: That’s your job Alfredo.

Alfredo: Yes Mr. President.



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