One Last Night (Anthony Sabet, 2018): USA, France

Reviewed by Brianna Franklin. Viewed at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival 2018.


Okay: it is never okay to lock someone in a movie theater because you want to get to know them (or whatever it is was happening in this film).

Neat: the cinematography was sad, and the script jumbled.

Exciting: if you weren’t feeling creeped out while watching this film, you we likely bored.

Likable: there is nothing charming about pseudo-hostage taking.

Appropriate: see above.

Sleek: the script was like someone wrote it by picking words out of a bag…blindfolded.

Thoughtful: if someone were to think about how creepy this idea is, this film would either not have been made, or have been the world’s scariest slasher flick.

Noteworthy: if I am to remember anything about this film a year from now, I will be surprised. On the off-chance that I do, I will be afraid for all womankind.

Insightful: not even close.

Grim: had this film taken a different approach, one would realize just how grim online dating is.

Hot: the lack of chemistry is astounding.

Touching: the only touch this is reminiscent of is a ‘bad touch’.




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