The Island (Adam Weingrod, 2018): Israel

Review by Rasmus Nilsson. Viewed at the Metro 4 theater, SBIFF 2018.

3 reasons why I almost fell asleep during The Island.

1.The movie lacked a narrative. We followed a couple of patients and employees at the hospital, but nothing substantial happened. It didn’t fell like a documentary either even thought it is categorized as one. There was a couple of interviews through out the movie, but it didn’t add narrative or that much information in general.

2. Extremely slow paced.  From the very first shot to the very last, the viewer had time to look at and examine every shot thoroughly. Most of these shots were also very similar because it was all shot on one location. This made the scenes feel very boring and did not engage the viewer.

3. The footage was boring. Most of the shots had very little action in them, and the one’s that had it were very slow. It felt like I was watching random footage from the hospital with no real meaning behind it.

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