The Boss Baby (Tom McGrath, 2017) USA

Reviewed by Hugo Paxlind. viewed at the Santa Barbara Film Festival, 2018.

in this movie we get to know where babies really come from and how ”great” it can be to have a sibling. This suit wearing baby is on a mission to stop a plot from puppy co.                                Boss baby voice (Alec baldwin) Tim voice (Miles Bakshi and Tobey Maguire)

Tim lives a normal 7 years old life with his mom and dad. one day a baby shows up in a taxi in a suit holding a briefcase. the looks of baby but with the mind of a full grown man. what tim doesn’t know is that this baby is from the Babyfactory and he is on a mission.

Definitely an entertaining animation. and for those of us that had younger siblings, we can all relate to the trauma of having a baby come in to the family. i had moments when i asked myself whether the movie was aiming for an adult or child audience because some of the jokes suits an adult audience better. creative and well made production by Dreamworks. it’s relatable to the most of us and works well for both adults and children.

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