La llamada (Javier Ambrossi, 2017): Spain

Reviewed by Ellia Rodriguez. Viewed at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival, 2018.

Holy Press       June  11th 2012

This pass weekend at camp La brujala for catholic girls one camp attendant María Casado was taken by God as told by the recent mother nun Sor Bernarda de los Arcos. Maria’s good friend  Susana Romero another participant at the camp told this reporter that the two of them started a girls group called Suma Latina and that they both enjoyed singing. Susana  said that they performed their last concert for the mighty lord with Sor Bernarda de los Arcos and fellow sister nun Milagros in attendance. When Milagros was approached for comment she stuttered but finally said clearly, “that there is all types of love and we should accept it because love is the greatest thing God has given us.” When asked what really happened that night that God took Maria she said, “Maria truly loved God and went with him”. It is the opinion of this reporter that there is way more to this story, but we will never truly know. Police are currently investigating the cause of this sudden disappearance.

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