Making Babies (2018) USA

If you can’t already tell from the title, this probably isn’t a good first date movie and if you watch it you’ll find out why. Making its world premiere at Santa Barbara Film Festival, the film Making Babies is a lively upbeat humor-packed comedy that will have you blushing, laughing and, well.. mostly laughing while you blush.  I’m a big fan of comedy and appreciate good creative humor which is why I had a great time watching this film.

The writer and director Josh F. Huber puts a humorous twist on real a rollercoaster of dynamics between a husband John (Steve Howey) and wife (Eliza Coupe) as they try to make a baby. The film starts out with John and Katie being repeatedly disappointed as they naturally try to get pregnant. Disappointment turns into desperation as they both know that time is ticking. So what do they do? They open up their minds and wallets to different options of infertility that push them emotionally and physically to the limits.

With the endless options for humor on the subject of reproduction, Huber does his best and takes advantage of many opportunities for sexual jokes throughout the movie. Did I mention this film will have you laughing and blushing?  John and Katie have amazing comedic chemistry as their characters unite, relationally, physically and biologically to accomplish their ultimate goal. With the help of some quirky supporting characters such as the doctor played by Ed Begley Jr. and a nutty brother played by Bob Stephenson, this film is guaranteed to have you..well laughing and blushing.



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