One Last Night (Anthony Sabet, 2018) USA/ France

Reviewed by Keyu Zhu. Viewed at the Santa Barbara Film Festival, 2018


One Last Night


The movie is called “One Last Night”

But the story is not about saying Goodbye

It is the story about love and passion


The boy and girl met in the movie theater

When they found out they were locked in the theater

They decided to find a way out


While seeking the exit

The girl realize it was all trick made by the boy

She left him with anger


The truth is the boy works in the movie theater

He likes her but didn’t tell her about his idea

She thinks he is fooling her


Later with the help of the manager

She came back and helped him with some new idea

She used to work for the escape room


The theater renewed for a little while

They were all involved

They hope it will be a great hit


The film is made by the director Anthony Sabet

He is from French

He moved to LA for his dream


The film is really enjoyable and relaxing

It was about love and passion

The passion to get better in the real life


The film is so creative

It was different than other romantic film

It was stylistic and amazing


The idea was brand new

It consisted with escape room idea and movie theater

It is cool because it is not like traditional romantic film


It is brand new idea

Which made up by the director

It is from one of his experience to an escape room


The idea of online dating was also creative

With the technology

The film is energetic


The lighting is bright

The color is bright

The plot is right


The plot is original

The performance is natural

The director is inspirational


Obviously there will be some shortage for the film

For example

The conversation could be more deep


Finally the movie has a happy idea

Somebody told them it will be a great idea and try

If the movie turned into the horror film


But the director Anthony Sabet

He said it was not good idea

Because it was his inner idea to do this


He wants to make a romantic film

Not matter he can make money or not

He is doing what he wants


He does not care what movie he made

He care about the dream

Which brought him to the LA.


The film will be better

If the plot can be more developed

Because everything is good


The camera setting is neat

The mindset is innovative

The setting is great


In the film

There are not a lot of outstanding part

But there are some unique scenes


When the big security told the actor don’t move

When he held the big taser gun

When realized it is his boss


The funny scene here is really good

It was natural and full of joy

The actor of security is the most funny guy here


The film is inspiring

Just need a little bit more work

It will be a really good romantic film


It might even create a new genre

The movie brought out a new genre

This is creative and new


Hope the director can bring more new movies

Which he can handle all film

The great movie maker


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