Maya (Mia Hansen-Love, 2018): France / Germany

Reviewed by Yating Zhang. Viewed at AFI Fest 2018.

“maya movie 2018”的图片搜索结果Hansen-Love’s direct one of the drama movie names “Maya”, it’s talking about a girl from India meet a guy, and they fell in love when they were traveling.

All of Maya’s content is comparable to Hansen-Love’s previous work, especially an easy-to-see starring, but not always registered as a performer, as well as some clumsy illustrative conversations that reveal English. It is entirely the native language of the director. The result is a drama, even if the whole person has several elegant notes, his emotional impulses are softer than usual. Whether the film will be converted into domestic or foreign ticket sales seems questionable, even though the film can be supported by the followers of the director’s loyalty.

Hansen-Love lets the camera stick to every movement of Gabriel in such a decoration (in several scenes, he is stripped of his underwear), sometimes it is easy to identify his pain or his numbness, although Kolinka is not the most An expressive actor who lacks the range needed to increase calories. If anything, Gabriel often looks confused and a little lost – this sentiment is best reflected in a scene where he chases a pair of mysterious assailants who break into his home and follow them into the jungle.

Although the film took time to get there and solved it in a way that was both real and frustrating, it inevitably formed between tired, damaged French and big-eyed, pretty smart young students. love. However, like many other Hansen-Love movies – goodbye first love – Maya is not too concerned about this relationship and not how one can eliminate emotional turmoil (it is a breakup in “First Love”); In the Garden of Eden is a suicide; in things to divorce, open their eyes and their hearts with new experiences – losing yourself just to remember who they are. In addition to foreigners and the Goan bourgeoisie, this sequence also addresses what some people might see in addition to foreigners’ perceptions of India. But like Jean Renoir’s classic The River (Hansen-Love quoted in a news report), Maya never claims to be just an outsider’s view of a distant place – an extended travel diary with a short and intimate encounter at its center. Although Gabriel is in contact with the land, his love affair with the locals helps he heal his wounds. He is a foreigner who wants to go home.

This is very touching me. When a foreigner is alone, he misses family and friends very much.

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