The Cold Blue (Nelson, 2018): USA

“The cold blue”的图片搜索结果

“Cold Blue” directed by Eric Nielsen (dreamy and sharp teeth, a gray state), internally examined the daily lives of the Eighth Air Force personnel, who performed missions after performing deadly missions in World War II. The film features a newly restored 4K clip and filming, directed by director William Wyle to record his 1944 documentary “Memphis Beauty: The story of the Flying Fortress.”

In 1943, Hollywood’s most famous and versatile director, William Wyler, traveled to Europe to record the ongoing air battle. Willer and his staff performed actual combat missions on the B-17, during which one of his film photographers was killed. Incredibly, all of the original color shots that Wyler shot for Memphis Belle were recently found in the National Archive’s vault. After frame-by-frame repair, Nielsen used this material to build a compelling new film.

The film, though many fragments and chapters and soldiers surviving during World War II, as a narration, describes the hardships and difficulties of combat pilots during World War II. When the fragment “EGGS” tells us that when a real egg is served instead of a powdered egg for breakfast, a pilot recalls vigilance because it usually means they are carrying out dangerous tasks. Everyone will go to church to pray and let the priest bless them to return.

Even though the events described by the narration occurred 75 years ago, their emotions were still primitive. A man failed while telling the story of a pilot who was killed on the same day that his son was born. This is very unfortunate. When the old man tells the film director, the voice gradually becomes instigated. At the same time that he missed the director who passed away, what happened 70 years ago is vivid and the old man is unforgettable. He clearly remembered all the stories of World War II. The brothers who died, the families of the brothers, the people who were implicated in the war in Germany, and all the orders issued by the chief. This is the cruel reality that soldiers see when they fight.

The film’s shooting technique is very old, just as clear as a mobile video. But the story and narration of the story gave us a full understanding of the hardships and fears of the soldiers fighting in the front line during World War II. They have to face death and enemies and defend their country at all costs. Even my family could not meet before the death of the war. I personally highly recommend this film, very much a sense of substitution. Let people have a feeling of incomprehensibility in their hearts. Undoubtedly, although this film is a war theme, it also reveals the loyalty and love of the country.

At the end of the film, the narrator finally appeared. He was a soldier who survived World War II. He retained the equipment and communication devices at the time of the war. Although these things are all required by the state, for the old, these things are the only souvenirs he can use to miss his comrades.


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