The Juniper Tree (Brothers Grimm 1990): English

The Juniper Tree.jpgThe Juniper tree in Iceland depicts the story of two sisters, Margit (Björk Guðmundsdóttir) and her sister Katla (Bryndis Petra Bragadóttir), whose mother (Guðrún Gísladóttir) was stoned and burned by witchcraft. They went to a place that no one knew and found Jóhann (Valdimar ÖrnFlygenring), a young farmer with a son named Jónas (Geirlaug SunnaÞormar). Katla used magic power to lure John and they began to live together. Margit and Jónas became friends. However, Jónas did not accept Katla as his stepmother and tried to convince his father to leave her. Katara’s magical power is too strong, even if he knows he should leave her. Margit’s mother appeared to her in a vision, and Jonas’s mother looked like a crow, bringing him magical feathers.

The film was adapted from Grimm’s fairy tale but was banned because the story was too bloody and dark. “The Juniper Tree” is a traditional folk fairy tale that has been banned because it is too bloody, horrible, murderous and eating human flesh. Now included in the “First Edition of Grimm’s Fairy Tales”, “The Twisting Grimm’s Fairy Tale” and the animated version of “The Twisting Grimm’s Fairy Tale”

There is not much dialogue in the whole film, and the character of the character is very obvious. Each action is indicative of the character’s intent. The props in the scene are very refined, and every detail in the house is perfect. Although this is a black and white movie, you can see the exquisiteness of the film without color. The plot revolves around five specific characters. There are no other actors except this. But while her sister was holding a knife in the kitchen to handle the fresh fish, it was a clear suggestion that she wanted to kill the little boy and his mother just to get the man she wanted.
At the end of the film, my sister forced the boy to the edge of the cliff and deceived the little boy. His mother had passed away and could not protect him and let him try to “fly down” from the cliff. After the boy fell to the cliff and fell to death, the sister cut the boy’s finger in order to hold the secret and sealed the boy’s mouth with a needle. It means that lethality does not let the little boy tell the truth about his death.

The whole film gives a very strong sense of story, which makes people think. In the process of watching, I really want to know what the next step of the story is. When the interaction between characters and characters is more than language, I think this is what the character itself wants to express.

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