Not Quite Adults (Tampoco Tan Grandes) (Federico Sosa, 2018): Argentina

Reviewed by Kassandra Ni. Viewed at the 2019 Santa Barbara Film Festival.


An Itinerary for a Very Interesting Road Trip

Starting Point: Buenos Aires, Argentina; departure time 8:00 am

Destination: Mar Del Plata, Argentina; arrival time 10:00 pm


8:00 am/ Buenos Aires: The road trip begins with an assortment of unique characters, all of which would rather not be with one and other, riding in a retro 70’s Volkswagen van. Lola is a dispassionate kleptomaniac, Teo is Lola’s ex-fiance (who likes to think that his animated Volcano videos are being significantly overlooked), and Rita is a recovering drug addict and Teo’s sister. The trip begins with silence as the sun beats down on the old van and the temperatures begins to rise on this summer day. The resentment between Lola and Teo and the reasons why they despise each other, makes this road trip’s beginning more comical than awkward.


11:00 am: By 11:00 am the tensions within the characters fade as they are now traveling through the middle of nowhere. With only one gas station every 100 km, the group of people start to agree on what songs to play. From resentment to understanding the ex-couple discuss what went wrong in their past relationship; and even have a moment to laugh at themselves and each other.


2:00 pm/ Monasterio: A quick pit stop to a law firm so that Lola can claim the inheritance of properties from her recently deceased father’s will. Lola meets Natalio, her father’s long time partner and lover. Natalio joins the road trip to scatter the ashes of his lover.


4:00 pm/ Camet: A change of scenery! A coast and water can be seen; as the desert terrain begins to end and more cars are seen on the highway. The group learns more about Natalio and Lola and Teo start to become closer.


7:00 pm/ Mar Del Plata: Stopping for the night to camp out under the stars, Teo broaches why Lola is currently unhappy in her life. Stubborn Lola walks away from the van and says some words that she doesn’t mean to Teo. Teo drives away.


7:15 pm/ 30 km North of Mar Del Plata: Driving on the deserted highway, Teo realizes that this fight with Lola is not enough to toss out their unique friendship. Makes a u-turn back to their camp.


9:00 pm: Teo and Lola reconcile. The group is back on good terms.


9:30 pm: Drinking games start.


9:45 pm: Conversations about Existentialism begin.


10:00 pm/ Mar Del Plata: Lights out. To be continued…

Tampoco Tan Grandes (2018) is more than just a road trip. It’s a dark comedy about the journey of seeking happiness with the people that care about you the most. Through the grief of losing someone or the unhappiness of your current job, it’s never too late to seek the truth and find what makes you happy. Everyone’s journey is different, so relax and enjoy the ride.

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